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@2019 Claire Muirhead


Claire Muirhead 

Claire Muirhead has a wildly overactive imagination, is pathologically organized, and therefore is fairly certain she’d make an excellent serial killer. Alas, since she loves her husband, family, and traveling—and because orange does her complexion no favors—she sticks to murdering only imaginary people in her mysteries and short stories.


Claire is the mother of five grown millennials, proud matriarch of a sprawling blended family that includes three (absolutely-perfect-in-every-way) grandchildren. When Claire and her husband aren’t mainlining giggles with the grandbabies, they’re caring for the biggest baby of them all…their Cheetos-eating full-figured feline, Maximus.


Who insists—for the record—he’s not fat, he’s ‘big-boned.’ 

And hello? His bowl is empty.

Claire has been a dedicated tea-drinker ever since Starbuck’s accidentally served her a triple espresso and she innocently drank it, thinking what could be the harm of a little extra caffeine? Two days later, after she had written 100,000 words (mostly unusable), ran a marathon, and built a small electric car (also unusable), she decided coffee wasn’t her friend and she bid it a wistful goodbye. 


A psychologist by trade and passion, Claire is the secret-keeper of thousands of human stories, each one as unique as the face that told it. The voices, emotions, adventures, tragedies, and thrills tumble onto her pages as she writes, birthing new characters that have surprising lives of their own.  


But don’t assume that Claire’s pleasures are all previously owned or borrowed. She generates plenty of her own excitement.    


Just thinking about sunset at the Blue Mosque in Istanbul still makes her tear up. Then there was the time she got lost in a blinding snowstorm in Iceland (and people wonder why she doesn’t trust anyone else to print out directions).  And did you know you can ski down a small mountain in a shopping mallin Dubai?


Oh, and that other trip to St. Petersburg, the one where she was detained in a panel van and questioned by ‘possible’ government operatives.


Seriously. How could she NOT become an author?

Her favorite vacation spot in the world?  Her next destination. But, in between adventures, Claire lurks in corners of coffee shops and bookstores, eavesdropping and studying strangers, searching for anyone she can metaphorically abduct and put in a novel or story.  


A time-whisperer, Claire studies, organizes, writes about, squanders, cherishes, and, above all else, appreciates the irrefutable power of time. She’s an obsessive list-maker who is happy to chart out every minute and every task from brushing her teeth to which character should die next and how. 

While some folks bungee jump off bridges; Claire crosses lines off her To Do List for an even better high. The last item on her list—and, YES MAXIMUS—the most important task is to feed the cat. 

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